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Tax-Savings Approved! For Small-Home Business Owners

Tax-Savings APPROVED for Small & Home-Based Business Owners”

“TAX CUTS AND JOBS ACT 2018-2019” will impact just about every American taxpayer—both Individual taxpayers and Business taxpayers. The “changes” and “impacts” are not all roses, but for small-business owners, there are a LOT more “roses” than “thorns.”

''Get Access To Tremendous Tax  Saving Opportunities For Home-Based Business Owners  Below Left Side!

Do you want to know a secret? A simple home-based business offers more tax breaks than the super-wealthy can get with their expensive tax lawyers. With this information, anyone can understand and use all of the tax laws Congress has passed in order to encourage average Americans to establish and run small and home-based businesses. The new law SUSPENDS all “Business Entertainment Deductions,” but it ADDS a brand new, extremely valuable FLAT 20% DEDUCTION for ALL pass-through entities—including Sole-Proprietors, most LLCs, Partnerships and S-Corporations. All other tax changes that affect small- and home-based businesses have been incorporated. If you find out tomorrow that you are unemployed, what would you do? You could go home to look up the address of the unemployment office. But it would be far better for the economy (and for you) if, instead, you went home to ramp-up your part-time home-based business into a FULL-time business.

Remembering the initial objective was for taxpayers to have a part-time business that they could ramp-up to full-time if the need arose—the requirements were (and still are) simple:

(1) Have (and be able to prove) a PROFIT-INTENT. Note the word “intent.” They wanted to incentivize us to start a home business so the tax breaks begin as soon as we begin honestly trying to make a profit. (Of course, they do expect us to make a profit within a reasonable amount of time.)


(2) Actively work your business on a REGULAR & CONSISTENT basis. Why this requirement? If we started a home-based business, but didn’t keep working it on a regular basis, we would NOT have a part-time business that we could ramp-up to full-time without notice.


(3) KEEP RECORDS that substantiate your business deductions. Treat your small, part-time business just like the big, full-time business you may want it to become. That’s it! If you meet those three requirements, you can qualify for a boatload of new, additional tax deductions. Let there be no doubt, the government wants your tax money! But Congress wants a stable economy even more, and small businesses contribute to that in a major way.

Health Reimbursement Arrangement


A small-business-only tax deduction called a 
“Health Reimbursement Arrangement” has now 
emerged as the #1 BIGGEST deduction for
Small-Businesses for 2018.

How big is it? Small businesses already using this
deduction are on track to INCREASE their tax 
REFUNDS by nearly $5,000 by the end of 2018.

I’d call that a big deduction, for sure. And, it is 
IRS-approved, and Tax Court confirmed.

This is not a ‘brand new’ deduction, but very 
few small-business owners are aware of it. 

It applies to all small businesses with no
employees or only one employee (which is
most small businesses, right?).

How does it save taxes?
Its cost is a tax-deductible expense to your 
company (you), and the income it provides 
is tax-free to the beneficiary (also you).

In a nutshell, what is it?
It is an IRS-approved plan that allows small-
business owners to “tax-deduct” every penny
of healthcare costs paid for by yourself, the 
business owner, AND for EVERY MEMBER
of the business owner’s immediate FAMILY.

 That’s like ADDING more than $400
  a MONTH to their TAKE-HOME PAY!
  And that’s for 2018 alone!


Will it save me much?
I reviewed a survey of more than 20,000 small-
business owners who are currently using HRAs,
and they are, year-to-date, on track to ADD just 
about $5,000 to their 2018 tax REFUNDS.


As I said above, this is not a brand-new tax
deduction, but most small-business owners 
are totally unaware of it, and (since passage 
of the “2018 Tax Cuts Act”) the tax benefits
of it are now even greater!


Tax Facts of CPA's-Accountant's 


It’s a fact—home-based business tax law is not taught in most accounting schools, and isn’t even tested on the CPA exam! Not one question!

Even CPA Continuing Education in most states offer nothing on small and home-based business tax deductions. 

Like millions of Americans, I used to turn to CPAs for tax advice every year, assuming they knew all of the legal tax deductions. 

I now know that I was naïve. I had no idea the monstrous size of the Tax Code.  


When you learn in this information about some deductions that intrigue you, and then you may go ask your own tax preparer about them, he or she may say,

 “I don’t think that’s allowed.” Why would they say that?

 BECAUSE THEY DON’T KNOW! Why don’t they know?

 As stated earlier, they have never learned the narrow, but crucial, area of taxes called “home-business tax law.

” But you shouldn’t have to fight with your tax preparer about the legality of these deductions, so here are some options to consider . . .


OPTION 1. When your tax advisor says that one of these deductions is not legal, point them to the source cited right here in this information.

 When he or she consults the sources we cite for you, they can arrive at only one conclusion—the deductions described here are 100% legal, ethical, safe, proper and honest.  



OPTION 2. Consider these Census Bureau statistics: ̆ Small Businesses in the U.S., total approximately 22.9 million (and growing rapidly) ̆ Of those,

 53% are home-based ̆ Small businesses make up more than 99.7% of all employers nationwide

 ̆ Small businesses employ about 50% of all private sector workers

 ̆ Small businesses create 75% of new jobs in our national economy.

 3 years after start-up, 70% of all small businesses remain open. 

That set of statistics paints an amazing picture, doesn’t it?    


OPTION 3. The working American’s average wage today is about $31,000, according to the Census Bureau.

That works out to $15/hour. And that’s before taxes! Not much, huh? BUT, after taxes, the average American worker takes home less than $9 an hour!

Did you know that? Let me ask you a question: If someone offered to show you a legal way to significantly reduce your mortgage or rent payments, or to slash the size of your car payment, legally of course, would you be interested?

Of course! Why, then, do most people look like a dazed deer in the headlights when offered information on how to reduce their taxes? 

The three main reasons: (1) Fear of the IRS, (2) Fear of the time it will take to keep detailed records, and (3) Not fully understanding what deductions are legal.   


OPTION 4. If You are an Employee, How Much are You REALLY Paying in Taxes? 

The answer may astound you! Taxes represent by far the LARGEST single expense the average American employee will ever incur!

The amount withheld from your paycheck for taxes—before you even see it—is probably MORE than your mortgage or rent, PLUS your car and related expenses, 

PLUS your food costs, and PLUS your health care expenses—COMBINED!  


 The only way to snatch $2 Trillion out the pockets of 200 Million American workers without a revolt is if they withhold it before you see it, showing you only the left-over part—commonly referred to as take-home pay. Now, IMAGINE for a Moment . . 

How much less would you pay in taxes if you only had to pay Uncle Sam a percentage of money you had left after paying your bills first—which is what businesses do—instead of paying a percentage of your gross wages like you do now? 

You would pay a whole lot less in taxes, that’s for sure! 

What if you were allowed legally to treat a portion of your home like an “office-building space” (which is tax-deductible), and what if you could convert some of the expenses you’re already paying for, into “business expenses” (which are also tax-deductible) instead of Personal expenses?

 Do you think that would make a difference in the taxes you pay?   


OPTION 5. Are you JUST STARTING your own business? If so, here is MORE Great News! 

This tax benefit is relatively new. Congressional law now allows taxpayers to elect to deduct up to $5,000 in new-business Start-Up Expenses AND up to $5,000 in Organizational costs in the tax year in which their business begins.

 This is a huge new benefit for small and home-based businesses.

 “Start-up costs” are those expenses which you incur before you actually begin offering goods or services for sale—i.e., the money spent getting ready to open a business. 

They are pretty much the same expenses that will be called “Business Operating Costs” once the business has actually begun.

 Examples of “Organizational costs” are fees paid for a business license or costs of setting up a business entity such as an LLC or Corporation. Below are links of unique  and exclusive money making opportunities. Qualify for the BIG-TAX INCENTIVES!

These are the best Home-Based Business opportunities available for TAX- INCENTIVES today.

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